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‘Help Sick Children’ exists to turn the forgotten clothes at the back of your wardrobe into funds that can help children in the UK and around the world.
We achieve this by using the clothes and textiles you donate to help provide funds to other children’s charities. 

At ‘Help Sick Children’, we have three core beliefs:
·        We believe that helping sick children right now is vital
·        We believe that protecting the environment will secure our children’s future
·        We believe that together we can make the world a better place

You can help us by donating the clothes and textiles that you don’t need any more through our textile banks
or making a financial donation through our website. We provide aid through our partner charities who are 
experts in using their resources where they are needed most. We also make a difference ourselves by running 
our own projects to help the children who need our support.

Helping sick children, right now
There are many children struggling with health issues right now, in the UK and around the world. That’s why we partner with other 
children’s charities, providing urgent financial support and expertise where it’s needed most. Together we 
can bring hope, relief and a better future to thousands of young people.
With your help  we can save lives and build a brighter tomorrow.

Protecting the environment, securing our future
We know how important it is to protect and conserve the planet for future generations. One of the easiest ways we can all make 
a difference is through recycling used clothing and other textiles. When you donate unwanted clothes, 
you’re directly benefitting the environment and helping us to do our valuable work.
We can all help to secure the planet for our children.

Making the world a better place
Doing our part to help others and the world around us shouldn’t be difficult, and we know how rewarding it is to make a change for the better. 
Household budgets might be tight, but donating clothes you’re not using anymore  will make a big difference to everyone who needs our help.
We know that through working together with the public and other trusted organisations we can all make a difference in children’s lives; you can help us to put a smile on someone’s face.
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